Maurizio Bonani

Maurizio Bonani

Full Stack Developer



  • Italian (mother tongue)
  • English (CEFR Level B2)
  • German (rudimental)
  • French (rudimental)


  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Snowboard
  • Books & Music

Career Profile

I’m a passionate Full-Stack Developer with 12 years of experience in designing and developing applications and solutions for a wide range of clients. I’m experienced with object-oriented PHP, JavaScript (client and server), SQL, HTML and CSS. I always strive to learn new things and go outisde my comfort zone. I enjoy writing clean and well tested code that adheres to SOLID principles, but I also like designing and coding neat and carefully crafted user interfaces.

I am an early Laravel adopter and believer, as I started working with it when version 3 was around. Nevertheless in my daily job I get to work with a wide range of technologies and I’m not afraid to explore uncharted territories.

I work well very well in small teams because I like to establish meaningful connections to collaborate effectively with the people I interact on a daily basis.

Work Experience

Senior Full-Stack Web Developer

Mettle, London UK -
10/2018 - Today

I work as a senior Full-Stack Developer. My entire time is dedicated to a single client based in the US which owns a few well-known brands in the creative industry. I’m involved in a wide range of tasks: I work closely with their Web Dev team and I provide my expertise to analyze and implement new features, fix bugs, manage the infrastructure and occasionally bridge the gap between BE and FE teams, giving my knowledge of the FE stack and my aptitude for teamwork. We’re also involved in OSS from time to time.

We also help organizing the annual Laravel Live UK conference that helds every summer in London.

  • Analyze, design and develop new features, along with their automated tests, following the directives of PMs
  • Identify issues and fix bugs
  • Maintain, monitor and upgrade the entire infrastructure on AWS
  • Provide my expertise to mentor junior engineers
  • Refactor codebases of internal tools to bring up to standards
  • Occasionally work on Open Source
Languages & Tools
PHP Laravel JavaScript TypeScript Node.js Python VueJS ReactJS ElasticSearch NGINX Docker AWS Terraform

Full-Stack Web Developer

Adacto SRL, Empoli -
05/2018 - 10/2018
Most of my work was PHP/JavaScript development on a multitenant SaaS platform for brand value analysis and marketing strategies.
  • Implement new features in a SaaS multitenant platform for brand value analysis and marketing strategies
  • Implement Photoshop designs into HTML and CSS
Languages & Tools
PHP Laravel JavaScript CSS VueJS ElasticSearch WordPress

Full-Stack Web Developer

Vecomp SPA, Verona -
03/2016 - 05/2018
I worked as Full-Stack Developer on the proprietary CMS platform SelfComposer, used by almost 1000 clients all over North Italy. My primary job was to maintain and implement new features either on the CMS itself, or as plugins, but also to develop the support infrastructure (a web app dedicated to provide downloads, upgrades, licenses and plugins to all the instances of the CMS).
  • Lead PHP developer on the proprietary CMS SelfComposer.
  • Development and maintenance of the support infrastructure for the CMS.
  • Analysis of customer requests, translate requirements into an actual implementation through SelfComposer plugins.
  • Development and maintenance of the ETL platform to integrate the management software eSolver and SelfComposer.
  • Implementation of web services and APIs used by front-end developers.
  • Development of website themes and user interfaces using TWIG/HTML/CSS/SASS and dynamic functionalities using JavaScript (React and VueJS).
Languages & Tools
Laravel PHP Node.js jQuery VueJS Bootstrap

Full-Stack Web Developer and IT Consultant

Self employed with VAT Number -
11/2012 - Today
At the beginning of my professional career I started to develop small applications and websites for local businesses. Occasionally I still provide services for acquaintances and for clients that do not want to spend a lot of money and time on over-engineered solutions. Whenever I can I provide my services to non-profit organisations free of charge.
  • Web sites development in the tourist sector and for small businesses
  • Web applications development
  • IT Consulting for businesses, privates and public administrations
Languages & Tools
Laravel ProcessWire Node.js

IT Consultant

Informatica Trentina -
04/2014 - 05/2015
I provided IT Consulting services for the local “Comun General de Fascia” administration, within the “Associated management of telematic and IT services” project, aimed to enforce the adoption of shared softwares and methodologies among all the municipalities of Fassa Valley. The purpose of the project was to centralize the IT management process, allowing municipalities to reduce spendings, promote the integration and mobility of staff.
  • Evaluate third-party vendors software solutions
  • Evaluate strategic areas for IT centralization
  • Support municipalities with their IT support requests


Master’s Degree In Computer Science (Systems and Networks area)

Faculty of Science MM.FF.NN. – University of Trento
10/2009 - 07/2012
Title of the thesis: “LifeTracking: Developing a portal for multimedia maps generated by GPS-enabled mobile devices”

Degree in Computer Science

Faculty of Science MM.FF.NN. – University of Trento
09/2005 - 10/2009
Title of the thesis: “Planning and development of a video-streaming service for mobile devices: applications in the domotic field”


My Personal Blog

My personal developer blog, where sometimes I write articles for myself and for the community, built using the awesome Hugo static-site generator.
Languages & Tools
Hugo Markdown Netlify


Vue2/Vue3 Component for draggable and resizable elements.
Languages & Tools
JavaScript VueJS


Laravel helper library for htmx.
Languages & Tools


Open-source self-hosted email marketing platform.
Languages & Tools
Laravel JavaScript

Skills & Proficiency

PHP & Laravel
I’ve been using Laravel for almost 8 years now and it’s definitely my favorite PHP framework (and I tried a lot of them). What I like the most is how clean and well structured it is and how it makes you very productive in a small amount of time. Laravel also introduced me to several important concepts of software development, such as IoC and TDD. I also love the huge ecosystem that revolves around Laravel, specifically LiveWire. I try to give back to the community whenever I can.
It’s the first language I’ve ever learned and I sill love it, despite some of its weirdness and the crazyness of its ecosystem. I’m proficient with the latest ECMAScript additions to the language and I also enjoy using it with TypeScript.
SQL is a fundamental skill of any BE developer. ORMs are nice, but quite often it’s necessary to go deeper and properly understand the persistence layer. The database I’m most proficient is MySQL, but I don’t dislike working with PostgreSQL or even SQLite.
Writing CSS has always been challenging for me because I’ve never been able to find an approach that allowed me to maximize productivity while ensuring maintainability. Luckily for me, things have changed in the last years and now I enjoy writing it thank to scoped CSS features, CSS modules and especially Atomic CSS.
I’ve started learning Elixir a few years ago. I’ve always been fascinated by how it works and how powerful it is.
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